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Your Premier North Edmonton Massage Therapy Clinic for Expert Pain Relief and Stress Reduction through therapeutic massage.

Our team of expert licensed massage therapists is dedicated to helping you achieve stress relief, reduce tension, manage pain, and attain an overall sense of well-being. Whether you’re seeking professional sports massage, deep tissue massage, or simply want to unwind and relax, we have you covered.

We Provide Direct Billing Massage

we provide

Comprehensive Massage Therapy Services

Our massage therapists work closely with each client on an individual basis to understand their specific needs. Whether a therapeutic massage, prenatal, cupping or deep tissue massage, we tailor our massages to meet those needs, ensuring a thorough and nurturing experience.

comprehensive massage therapy services in Edmonton
direct billing massage provided by Got Knots Massage Edmonton

Direct Billing for Your Convenience

To make your experience even smoother, we offer direct billing massage services for those with Telus Health, Sun Life Financial, Alberta Blue Cross and several other benefit providers. We aim to provide you with the utmost convenience and care during your massage therapy sessions.


Our Edmonton Massage Clinic Services

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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage in Edmonton at Got Knots, is tailored to your specific needs, addressing issues like chronic pain and tension.


Myofascial Cupping Therapy

Experience the benefits of cupping therapy, which can help with pain relief and muscle tension


Pregnancy Massage

Designed for expectant mothers, our prenatal, or pregnancy massage, provides comfort and relaxation during pregnancy.


Deep Tissue Massage

If you need deep, focused work on your muscles, our deep tissue massage is the perfect choice.

Need a Massage Therapist in Edmonton?

Edmonton athletes, weekend warriors and even kids perform optimally with regular therapeutic massage.

Hot Stone Massage

Relax with our Hot Stone Massage. Smooth, heated stones ease tension for a soothing, muscle-melting experience.

Sports Massage

Revive your body with our Sports Massage Therapy. Targeted therapy for athletes, promoting recovery and peak performance.

Kids Massage

Boost relaxation and your child’s sleep quality with Kids Massage. Helps reduce stress, anxiety, and improves their overall well-being.

Looking for a therapeutic massage therapist closest to me?


Professional Massage Therapy: Trusted, Skilled Therapists in a Prime Location


Dedicated Therapists

Got Knots has been open since 2009 and our therapists have been with us for 5, 7 and up to 14 years. We offer a supportive, growth-oriented environment for our therapists and the right person looking for a massage therapy career.


Convenient Location

We are located on St. Albert Trail, between the Yellowhead Trail and 137 Avenue, perfectly situated for office commuters on their way out of downtown Edmonton to St Albert, or driving east or west on the Yellowhead.


4.9/5 Google Rating

With a 4.9 out of 5 rating from over 200 reviews, our client satisfaction speaks for itself. “Excellent and professional service! Highly recommended!” and “Great location, great office and great staff.” are examples from our recent reviews.

Our Massage Therapists

Nadine Munro, RMT
Melissa Sanregret, RMT Edmonton
Danielle Fitzpatrick RMT Edmonton
Denise Boone, RMT Edmonton

What our customers say?

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Massage FAQ’s

Do you provide direct billing?

Yes. We provide direct billing massage to several benefits providers. If you’re with Telus Health, Sun Life Financial, Medavie Blue Cross, Alberta Blue Cross, Provider Connect, theclaimsXchange, CHP Health or Canadian Benefit Providers Health (CBP), we can direct bill with some exceptions. Visit our direct billing page for more information.

Is there scientific evidence for the benefits of massage therapy?

Massage therapy has been shown to offer various physical and mental health benefits supported by quite a bit of scientific evidence. The Mayo Clinic and National Institute for Health are two credible sources for example. Massage therapy can help improve circulation, decrease muscle stiffness, joint inflammation, and pain, enhance sleep quality, and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s even shown to have positive effects in children, improving mood, sleep and learning.

Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy provides a holistic approach to self-care, addressing physical and mental well-being. Our qualified massage therapists play a crucial role in enhancing self-care, tailoring approaches to individual needs. Massage therapy offers significant benefits for self-care, including reducing stress, anxiety, and pain, as supported by research.

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Licensed Therapeutic Massage Therapy Clinic

Whether you’re dealing with stress, pain, or simply in need of relaxation, our experienced team is here to provide you with top-notch massage services. Schedule an appointment with us today and experience the difference for yourself. Your journey to relaxation and well-being begins here.

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