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At Got Knots Massage Therapy, we are pleased to offer direct billing massage to your extended health benefit provider, making your wellness journey smoother and more accessible. The providers we can direct bill massage to are Telus Health, Sun Life Financial, Provider Connect and theClaimsXchange. Check the complete benefits provider list here.

If you’re seeking massage therapy treatments in North East Edmonton or St. Albert area, you’re likely interested in a convenient and hassle-free experience. We understand the importance of providing our customers with easy access to these therapeutic services and direct billing was a simple answer.

Got Knots Massage Therapy in Edmonton provides direct billing for massage services

What Is Direct Billing?

Direct billing is a service that allows you to avoid the upfront payment for your massage therapy. Instead, we bill your treatment fees directly to your extended health benefit provider.

This means you don’t have to worry about handling the payment process yourself, making it a stress-free option for our clients.

How Does Direct Billing Work?

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how direct billing for massage therapy works at Got Knots Massage Therapy:

  1. Initial Information: To offer direct billing, we require a valid Credit Card or Visa Debit on file for any charges not covered by your benefit provider. We collect this information during your first visit with us.
  2. No Immediate Charges: Rest assured that your credit card will not be charged for the outstanding balance until the insurance company has responded and paid Got Knots Massage Therapy. We always keep you informed about the amount to be paid before charging your card.
  3. Physician’s Referral: Some extended health benefit companies may require a physician’s referral for massage therapy. It’s essential to check with your benefit provider if this is the case. If a referral is needed, you must submit it to your benefit company, before your massage treatment date to allow us time to process. This is not something you submit to us.

Providers We Direct Bill Massage To

We aim to make the direct billing process as convenient as possible for our clients. Currently, we offer direct billing for the following benefit providers:

Telus Health

We direct bill to Telus Health, covering a wide range of insurance benefit companies. Below is a list of these companies along with their contact numbers for easy access.

NamePhone Number
BPA – Benefit Plan Administrators1-800-867-5615
Canada Life1-800-957-9777
Canadian Construction Workers Union416-240-0047
Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance1-800-665-3365
D.A. Townley1-800-663-1356
Desjardins Insurance1-800-463-7843
First Canadian1-866-212-5644
GMS Carrier 491-800-667-3699
GMS Carrier 501-800-667-3699
Industrial Alliance1-877-422-6487
Johnson Inc.1-866-773-5467
Johnston Group Inc.1-800-893-7587
LiUNA Local 183416-240-2103
LiUNA Local 506416-506-8841
Manulife Financial1-866-407-7878
Maximum Benefit1-800-893-7587
TELUS AdjudiCare1-877-944-7100

This table provides a quick reference for contacting insurance benefit companies associated with Telus Health, making it easier for clients to manage their benefits.

Sun Life Financial

Sun Life Financial handles the direct billing processes for several organizations, including Alberta Blue Cross, ASEBP, Medavie Blue Cross, Veterans Affairs, and the RCMP. By offering direct billing solutions, Sun Life simplifies the insurance claims and payments procedure for these groups.

Provider Connect

Provider Connect is a web-based portal that facilitates online features for health care providers, offering services like claim submission, eligibility checks, and payment processing for:

  • Green Shield Canada
  • SSQ Insurance
  • Medic Construction
  • Empire Life


TheClaimsXchange, developed by NexgenRx, is a streamlined web portal that our clinic utilizes to simplify the claims submission process directly for patients with specific insurance plans. This innovation enhances our direct billing massage services, making it easier for clients to receive the care they need without the hassle of insurance paperwork.

Supported Insurers:

  • Nexgen RX
  • The Co-operators
  • CHP Health

Canada Life

Canada Life extends its benefits coverage to include direct billing massage services, encompassing individuals under OpenCircle Benefits and beyond. This arrangement means that anyone insured through Canada Life can easily access massage therapy services, facilitating a seamless direct billing process. This broad coverage ensures a more inclusive access to therapeutic massage for a diverse group of individuals under Canada Life’s insurance plans.

Exceptions to Direct Billing Massage

It’s essential to be aware of some exceptions when it comes to direct billing:

  • Multiple Benefit Plans: If you have more than one benefit plan, we can only bill to the primary plan. Any remaining balance will need to be paid and submitted to your secondary plan.
  • Secondary Benefits Coverage: in most cases, we cannot direct bill your secondary insurance coverage.
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