Postures Role in TMJ Pain

The Connection Between Posture and TMJ Pain

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) disorders present a complex challenge, often linked to various factors, including posture. If you’re experiencing jaw pain or discomfort, understanding this connection is crucial. Learn how posture impacts TMJ health, drawing insights from dental and chiropractic perspectives.

Trigger Point Therapy Muscle Relief

Trigger Point Therapy: The Key To Unlocking Muscle Relief

Discover the healing benefits of Trigger Point Therapy, a go-to massage technique for targeting muscle knots and chronic pain. Perfect for athletes and active folks here in Edmonton, this guide dives into common trigger points, how the therapy works, its benefits, and special tips for pregnant women.

benefits of hot stone therapy

Hot Stone Therapy: Uncovering the Benefits

Designed to go beyond traditional massage techniques, we’ll dive into how hot stone therapy is perfect for athletes, aids in muscle recovery, offers pain relief, and melts away stress. Whether you’re a weekend warrior cycling Edmonton’s river valley trails or just craving some ‘me time,’ this guide has you covered.

difference between deep tissue massage and sports massage

What Are the Differences Between Deep Tissue and Sports Massage?

Whether you’re a chronic pain sufferer or an athlete looking to enhance your physical performance, this article will provide valuable insights into the differenes between Deep Tissue Massage and Sports Massage, and which technique would best suit your needs. From sustained pressure strokes to stretching techniques, this article breaks down the key differences between deep tissue and sports massages in easy-to-understand language.

what is child massage

What is Child Massage?

Child massage is a therapeutic practice that uses touch and gentle pressure to promote physical and emotional well-being in children of all ages. It can provide numerous benefits, such as improving sleep patterns, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting healthy growth and development.

common children's massage questions

Do You Have Questions About Children’s Massage? We’ve got the Answers

In this article, we address common questions about children’s massage therapy. We explore how massage can benefit kids with ADHD and anxiety, whether deep tissue massage is appropriate for children, and how to properly massage a child’s legs and the youngest age for a children’s massage. Join us as we discuss the benefits of massage therapy for children and provide insight on how to make this experience safe and enjoyable for your little ones.

What is the difference between a massage and a prenatal massage?

The biggest difference between massage and prenatal massage is body positioning on the table. This is assuming your wondering the difference between a woman who is NOT pregnant vs one who is is. During a pregnancy or prenatal massage pillows and bolsters are used for client comfort. Massage of Your Front At Around 20 weeks, …

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