What Are the Benefits of Massaging Kids?

The benefits of massaging kids are many. Kids are made of the same stuff as adults, but we tend to assume that because kids are younger, they don’t suffer from injuries the same way, or they will just get over it.

Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle quickly becomes a hard habit to break.

Young boy getting a kids massage
Young boy receives a kids massage

Much like adults, children preform repetitive movements and are often in the same position for extended periods of time. The body very efficiently learns how to compensate in order to perform day-to-day activities, and injury cause compensation.

Often in my practice, I see people who had an injury or experienced pain and/or discomfort from an early age; the pain started out mild, but have become more severe over time and the longer you have been adapting to your discomfort the more difficult it is to reverse.

The Many Benefits of Massaging Kids

Not only is it ok for kids to get massage there are many benefits of massaging kids. With that being said, there is probably more benefit to receive a professional massage for kids age 5 and up then kids under the age of 5.

This is not a hard and fast rule, but typically a kid under 5 would get more benefit from massage time with a parent. Also, they don’t tend to stay in one place for too long.

Kids are busy. Just follow one around for a day.

Kids benefit from injury relief

Relief from pain due to involvement in sporting activities

They are constantly moving and if your kiddo is in an organized sport, especially at a higher level, or has had an injury, then the demand on their bodies are exponentially greater. Just because their bodies regenerate faster then adults, does not mean they would not benefit or appreciate the attention and assistance in healing that massage can provide.

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Kids Massage Helps With Growing Pains

There are also many of changes happening with their little bodies, specifically with their muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue. One of the huge benefits of massaging kids is that it’s a great way to help with growing pains. There can be a lot of pressure on kids from an academic prospective as well, whether school comes easy for them or they struggle, the stress that it takes to sit still, learn and concentrate is not unlike ours, so by getting kids into massage at an early age sets them up for good future habits.

Kids Massage Can Help With Confidence, Posture and More

From a psychological perspective, massage for kids can help with confidence, posture and body awareness. It can help teach kids what good, safe touch feels like and it allows them to advocate for themselves regarding what kind of treatment they would like, how much pressure they would like, and what areas of their body they want to have treated.

One of the many benefits of massaging kids is improvement in sleep.

Sleep Improvement

Massage has also been shown to help aid in sleeping by decreasing stress and muscle tension and increasing serotonin and dopamine level by up to 30%.

Improved Immune Systems

It can help with increasing the bodies immune system and aiding in healing by increasing blood and lymph circulation. Allowing more efficient waste elimination and nutrient replenishment.

Massage is good for every body – adults, kids, pregnant women, anyone active in sports or just as a way to reduce stress and wind down after a hectic schedule.

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