What is the difference between a massage and a prenatal massage?

The biggest difference between massage and prenatal massage is body positioning on the table. This is assuming your wondering the difference between a woman who is NOT pregnant vs one who is is. During a pregnancy or prenatal massage pillows and bolsters are used for client comfort.

Woman lies on her side to receive her prenatal massage from her therapist
What is the difference between massage and prenatal massage

Massage of Your Front

At Around 20 weeks, when you are lying your back you will be in a semi-reclined position as opposed to flat on your back and your right hip will have a small bolster under it to shift the weight off the uterus and baby off the inferior vena cava (a large vein that carries blood from the torso and lower body to the right side of the heart).

Massage of your Back When Pregnant

For massage treatment of your back, you will be placed in a side lying position so the therapist can access and treat your back.

As a side note, Side-lying massage can also be used for non pregnant clients such as post-operative clients, elderly clients or clients with physical handicap, illness or injuries where lying face down is uncomfortable.

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Prone position or on your stomach is a possibility if it is available at the clinic you are going to on a table with a cut out and ‘hammock’ support for the belly or pregnancy pillows that go on top of the table could also be used, depending on your comfort level.

Both regular massage and prenatal massage treatment should work with in your pain / pressure tolerance, keeping in mind your (the clients) goals for the treatment. ( relaxation, pain or stress management, therapeutic massage, circulation, etc.)

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